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Landscape Stones – Large Rocks for Cosmetic Landscaping

We provide a broad range of fine, high-quality boulders so that you could be assured that you could get the product you need at a fair and affordable price. Be certain to ask about volume discounts, or if you are a reseller ask for dealer or contractor rates.

All through Missouri, both property owners and businesses make Southwest rock Supply their 1st choice for buying landscaping boulders. And around the country, landscapers and landscaping supply yards buy boulders at wholesale cost from us. Boulders are popular for the impressive statement that they generate in landscaping artwork.

These majestic stones are larger and grander than your standard gardening stones, and they offer huge strength, quality, toughness and the sort of magnificence that comes only from nature.

We carry both quarry boulders and landscaping boulders in a broad assortment of sizes, shapes, surface textures, and hues. So when you buy through Southwest, the process becomes easier for choosing the very best boulders for the specific size and style needed for your project.

Uses for Boulder

Quarry and landscaping boulders are not just components of timeless beauty. They could additionally be purposed for various uses, for example:


Using boulders is one of the quickest and simplest approaches to considerably improve the look and experience of your landscaping. And occasionally the placement of even a single impressive boulder is sufficient to bring interest to your residence or business. Or, you may want to create a grouping to highlight a specific area of interest in your landscaping.

Retaining Walls

Because of the intense strength and durability of our boulders, properties in need of retaining walls could greatly benefit from these lovable giants. The look of your residence or business property is enhanced by their added texture and dimension while reaping the practical advantage of fighting the erosion of your soil.


Many property owners want to create a natural and peaceful setting for their residence. So rather than opting for conventional man-made seating in their landscaping area, many will instead choose boulders as the ideal choice for seating around their natural rock fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, patios, garden spots, or any other place people may want to find a place to sit.

Natural Redirection

Big boulders could be useful to redirect traffic in the direction you need it to go. There are probably locations around your residence or business where you do not want a visitor to venture. You could strategically designate limits with your boulders. And by doing so, you could usually encourage visitors along the preferred path you have defined. Their route will then have the feeling of being natural.

Safety Boundaries

Many of us have homes or companies that may be a little more exposed to automobile traffic than we tend to be comfortable with. Large boulders nearby access points such as play areas, parking places or walkways could behave as immovable sentries to provide a protective boundary to restrict a vehicle from going where it is not really wanted.

Water Feature Highlights

Boulders could seriously upgrade the appearance of the water attributes in your landscaping. Their inclusion may even encourage you to create new additional features that will improve curb appeal and improve property value. Landscape boulders are often selected to introduce serene cascades and to line ponds, springs or streams, and for dry waterway beds.